Who we are?

  • We are a substance misuse service for young people under 18 we work with young people and their families and carers in Bolton.
  • We have Substance Misuse Workers, Support Workers, an Emotional Health Practitioner and a Tier 2 Coordinator (who provides support & training to professionals working with young people in Bolton)
  • The team come from a variety of different background including  youth work, social work, nursing and mental health.

What do we do?

  • Many young people who drink too much or experiment with drugs grow out of it as they get older. Some need the help of family, teachers, youth workers or similar.
  • Our job is to help those who develop more of a problem, supporting them to stop and reduce the harm to their health and wellbeing. It can be hard to stop so we take it in stages,at a pace that is right for individuals....sometimes with a bit of gentle pushing along the way.
  • Parents or carers need support as well, we know that if we can help them as well it works out better for young people. Communication between young people and their parents is often an early casualty so even though it can be hard we look at this as well.
  • We also work with children who live in households where parents or sibling use substances, providing suport and therapeutic interventions, so if you know someone who needs a bit more support please contact us.
  • Because we have workers with a range of skills and knowledge we can help with all sorts of related issues all under one roof.


  • Trusting and respecting each other is important if we are going to help.
  • We only pass on information if there are serious  issues like child protection or serious risk to you or others. 
  • If you ask us for help and start working with us one of the first things we do is talk about and give you information on confidentiality, sharing information, and how we work.

What's On


Come and see us!

Are you worried , concerned or just want  a little help with you drinking or drug use

Then why not drop in and have a chat with a worker

You can drop in Monday to Friday

Between 9am and 5pm