Watch out for strong Ecstasy / MDMA

28 September 2017

Increased purity of MDMA / Ecstasy

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Over the last few years the purity of ecstasy tablets and MDMA powder has  increased  significantly and this has led to a number of young people being hospitalised due to the effects.

In 2010 the average tablet contained 80-100mgs of the active ingredient MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine).

In recent test samples of MDMA in both tablet and powder form have been shown to  contain anything from 20mg to 300mgs of MDMA.

Within the substance misuse field and those who use ecstasy,  a dosage of 80-100mgs was felt to be the safer option the increase to potentially 3 times this has raised concerns about the impact.

We are aware that young people are using more ecstasy and  MDMA powder and that there have been a number of young people who have been  hospitalised due to the effects.

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