Finding out that someone you care for is using substances can be very scary and extremely worrying, we are there to listen, reassure and give you accurate information to enable you deal with these situations. We work with lots of families who felt very alone and frightened before they shared their concerns with us. We work with parents, carers, grandparents, aunty's and uncle's, brother and sisters and any other family member affected by a young person's substance use.

We can offer phone advice, 1 -1 or couples support in your home and group work.

This can include:

  • information and advice on drugs and alcohol
  • staying safe and healthy
  • improving communication in the family  
  • ways of dealing with difficult behaviour 
  • understanding typical teenage behaviour 
  • relaxation and coping with stress
  • making time for yourself
  • accessing other services

Useful Websites

Drug Concern (parents)

Tel: 0845 023 867

FRANK     Tel: 0800 776 600

Harbour Project -support fro parents of adult drug users Tel: 01204 622 74


Other Useful sites:





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We work with  young people who live in homes where substances are used

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