How can I tell if they're taking drugs?

You might be worried about changes in behaviour and think that your child is using substances the best way to be sure is to sit down and talk about it together, you might find that their behaviour is just about growing up.

Things to look out for?

  • Aerosol cans without the spray top on


  • Shredded cigarettes and cigarettes ends made from card


  • Small plastic snap bags


  • Discoloured plastic bottles with holes in the side called bongs 


  • Tablets that you don't recognise
  • Empty drinks bottles or cans
  • Plastic bottles with the bottom cut off
  • Money going missing
  • Your child selling CDs and computer games, and you don’t know where the money's going.

These could be signs of drug use (but they might not be).

So what do I do if I find these things?

  • Raise the issue
  • Make it clear that it's happening, without laying blame
  • Encourage them to talk
Don't forget to take a look at our Drug & Alcohol Information page which will give you some of the basic information about drugs and alcohol that may be useful.

Or if you have any queries/concerns about a substance you may have found or heard your child or young person talking about please do not hesitate to contact us on  01204 337330 or email and a member of staff will do their best to help.

Tips for talking to your child or young person

Find the facts out - find out the basic facts about drugs and alcohol.

Think about your reaction - what will you do and say if you find out your child has been experimenting?

Don't Assume - about what they do/what they know or what they may have tried.

Don't Accuse - if they say they haven't tried anything - believe them and take opportunity to give them basic advice anyway.

Pick a time to talk - Don't rush the conversation - it is important so needs time and the right environment. And not when you suspect they may be under the influence.

Use opportunities to talk - when watching tv together with drug related story lines or in the media - can be used as triggers for conversation.

Listen Respectfully - listen and try not to judge or lose your temper if you disagree with their views or reasons.

Offer Support - let them know your there for them that they can talk to you about stuff thats going on or what they are finding difficult.

Set Boundaries - make it clear what is acceptable in your household.

What's On


  • We have a worker on Duty Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm if you want to speak to someone you can ring 01204 337330
  • you can even just drop in to The Base Marsden Road there will always be someone there to spend time with you to enable you to share your concerns ask advice or just to talk.