The best way to stay  SAFE and HEALTHY is not to use substance at all, but make sure you answer these questions before you choose to use:

  • Where are you?

Is the place you are using in safe? Can you get help easily? Can you trip or fall? Are you near water or a road? Don’t forget taking substances will affect your ability to do things safely, putting you more at risk of accidents.

  • Who are you with?

Do you trust the people you are with to look after you if things get rough? Make sure you are with at least one person who isn’t using in case of an emergency.

  • How are you feeling?

Do you feel happy, sad, down, angry or worried? Using a substance can make these feelings more intense and can be both negative and positive. So if you start off feeling a little worried you could end up feeling totally freaked out.

  • Are you mixing different substance?

Using substances together can be really dangerous. Especially mixing drugs with alcohol, think seriously before you mix substances or ideally don’t do it!

  • Do you know what to do in an emergency?

If one of your friends collapses, do you know what to do?

Learn the recovery position, call an ambulance, stay with them and tell the paramedics what they have taken  and how much, it could save their life.


  • Do you know about your substance?

Do you know the effects and dangers of the substance?

Do you know what to expect when you have taken it?

Do you know how long it takes to work through your body and what the comedown is like?

Finding out will help you decide if you really want to take it and what it is like, and how to reduce the risks you are taking.